Survey Design

Survey design is an important step when beginning any research. A well-designed survey (or questionnaire) allows our team to collect the data we need to gather targeted results and help you draw conclusions to important decisions about your project.

The Belwah Strategy team carefully designs questions that accurately measure opinions, experiences and behaviors of your team, volunteers, donors, and stakeholders. This process involves developing good questions and organizing them in the right order. It’s important that organizations don’t skip the survey design process. Here are a few advantages of survey design:

Broad Representation

Questionnaires allow organizations to collect data from a large sample of people (staff, volunteers, board members, donors, the community, stakeholders). This allows an organization to gain a deeper understanding of the relative characteristics of its organizational structure, challenges, and perceived value.

Ability to Find Statistically Significant Data

Because surveys can be designed to collect data from many groups, it’s belwah_strategy_survey_design1much easy to find statistically significant data using this process than it is using other methods. Data collected this way is easily analyzed and cross-referenced using various software tools like Survey Monkey.

Standardized Questions and Precise Data Collection

All questions developed for research purposes are carefully designed and standardized so they provide a consistent definition for subjects who answer the questions. As questions in the survey should undergo careful scrutiny and standardization, they provide uniform definitions. This provides a much more precise way of collection results than other methods of collecting data.


belwah_strategy_survey_design__1Survey design is extremely cost-efficient compared to other forms of data collection. Your costs for survey design includes the development of your survey questionnaire. Costs vary depending on the population you want to survey. Organizations sometimes need to offer an incentive for participants to answer surveys that take more than 5 minutes to complete.

Convenient Way to Collect Data

Surveys can be administered online, and via email, social media, and even SMS. Online surveys are the most popular way of collecting data from participants.

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