Strategic Planning

belwah strategy strategic_planning2Belwah Strategy helps nonprofits and social enterprises with the process of defining its strategic direction. Our team helps your organization make crucial decisions about allocating your current and future resources. We also help you develop a plan to reach your financial and non-financial goals. We’re committed to helping your organization develop an actionable strategic plan that includes a mechanism for implementation. 

We are skilled at working with mission-driven organizations in complex situations that desire a creative and thoughtful process for developing a strategic plan that helps organizations determine where they are, where they want to go, and how they plan to get there.

How We Partner With You to Help You With Your Strategic Planning

Our team works with your team to get clear on your organization’s mission, vision, and goals. We help your team establish clear and realistic goals and objectives. We also set expectations for the project (what you should expect from us during the project and what we can expect from your team).

In this stage, we collect the data we’ll need to successfully complete your project. We belwah strategy_strategic_planningdesign surveys and develop any focus groups and listening sessions that might be necessary. If other data collection (market research, competitor analysis) is necessary during this stage we do this as well. Sometimes, this data collection happens during the strategic planning process as new questions arise.

In addition, it may be necessary to add design thinking and ideation workshops to our process to work through some important issues and collect critical data.

Our team works with your team to develop your strategy; we don’t walk away and complete your strategy on our own. It’s important that you’re committed to remaining a part of formulating your strategic plan. We do this using a series of  ideation workshops. This step is important because it encourages your team to take ownership of their strategic plan and it allows for the development of a truly actionable plan that’s written in a language your team completely understands.

belwah strategy_strategic_planningOnce your strategic plan is developed, we’re there to help guide you through implementation. If you need volunteers or committee members to help get you going, we can help. If it’s corporate sponsors you need, we can help. Did you have a particularly high fundraising goal? We can help.

Our team helps you establish those key metrics and milestones that will help you evaluate your strategic plan on an annual basis. What tools will you use to determine if you’re on target to meet the goals and objectives you’ve outlined in your strategic plan? Belwah Strategy will help you develop an Annual Review and Planning process.

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