Ideation Workshops

An ideation workshop is designed to help teams generate and communicate new ideas for challenges in their organization. Organizations can also use ideation workshops to develop new services or create new ways to market an existing service offering.

Our Ideation Workshops

In our ideation workshops, participants join the creative process of generating and communicating new ideas using techniques like brain-dumping, brainwriting, and brainstorming. Here are a couple more examples of what we do in an ideation workshop.

Brain-dumping is the process of emptying the mind of every idea you can think of. Workshop participants are asked to set a specific goal. That goal might be recruiting more volunteers for an upcoming event. Participants are given 10 minutes to write down every idea they can think of on a sticky note. When time is up, all sticky notes are placed on a whiteboard for workshop participants to discuss.

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Brainwriting is a bit like brain-dumping, except the team builds on each other’s ideas before group discussion begins. Participants are asked to think of a specific challenge most nonprofits have and write down ideas for overcoming those challenges. Participants share those ideas with other workshop participants, who then build on those ideas and pass them on to other participants. After 10 minutes, the workshop facilitator collects the ideas and the group discussion begins.

The basic concept of brainstorming is generating ideas face to face in a group setting. Workshop participants introduce themselves and their organization and start with discussing strategies and techniques they’ve already used. Participants are then encouraged to tap into the ideas that have been shared to start generating new ideas.

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